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How to Build LinkedIn Groups

There are several ways to get qualified people to join social network groups (such as LinkedIn groups). These techniques range from inviting your existing contacts to join the group to renting lists to broadcast group join invites.

The success at getting qualified members to join your group depends on the interests of your potential members and what you include in the join invite message that you send to them. Using some sample messages for each type of invite can dramatically speed up the number of invites that you send (copy and paste invite message) and improve the percentage of people who join your group.

Social business networks commonly limit messages to relatively short messages (a few hundred characters) so your message must be simple and clear.

Invite from Existing Contact List

People on your existing contact list are likely to be more receptive to your invite message than other candidates (people that you don’t know). It is still important that you identify the key issues that your group covers. You should also mention to them what specific benefits they receive for joining the group (cash payments are not usually necessary). An example of an invite message to an existing contact:

“issue” is important to the success of “industry or service”. To help develop and share solutions for “issue”, I’ve setup a “my group”. Please join and share your solutions (good for the industry and good PR for you).
– “your name”, “your role”

Invite People who Comment on Your Discussions in Another Group

A good way to identify people who have interests that are similar to yours is to join groups that are related to your group topic and post discussions about your topic. When people comment on your discussion, they are likely good candidates to be invited to join your group. An example of an invite message to a topic commenter:

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